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WF New Book Release – Islam: Misconceptions and Challenges by Dr. Bashir A Datoo

Info about the book:

The work by Dr. Bashir Datoo tackles and range of important questions pertaining to the twenty-first century image of Islam. In the first part, the book skilfully addresses misconceptions concerning Islam and extremism, the role of the Qur’an, shariah law, jihad, women’s rights, and slavery.

In the second part, several present-day challenges are analysed head-on in a refreshingly unapologetic manner. What, for example, has prevented the development of a true Muslim ummah? How do we best respond to Islamophobia? And how do we disassociate Islam from terrorism?

Throughout his analysis and research, the author has not shied away from these difficult subjects; rather, he treats them with a candid and mature commentary, ultimately adding to the reader’s knowledge and equipping them with some answers.

The book is available now for £10.

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