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15 Jul, 2019 / 12th Dhu al-Qidah, 1440 A.H.

Visit to Peterborough and Birmingham Madressa by CoEJ SAN

On 12th May 2018, MCE along with Mahmood Hooda and Mariam Hassam from CoEJ SAN visited the Husaini Madrasa in Peterborough. There were 12 attendees including the Senior Leadership Team.

CoEJ SAN met with Rizwan Rahemtulla – the Vice president of Peterborough Jamaat to discuss safeguarding and the best way to take it forward within our Madrasa setting.

On Sunday 13th May 2018, MCE along with Mariam Hassam from CoEJ SAN visited the Muhammadi Madrasa in Birmingham. 30 teachers from the Muhammadi Madrasah were present during the visit.

The visits to the two Madrasahs included discussion about the Tarbiyya curriculum with Madrasah teachers from their respective Jamaats. Both sessions started off with discussing the work currently being done by CoEJ SAN. There were also rich discussions around how best to implement the Tarbiyya curriculum. The discussion followed a Q & A session regarding concerns about the curriculum.

Photos below capture some of the moments during the visit.