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15 Sep, 2019 / 15th Muharram, 1441 A.H.

Tarbiyah Curriculum Training – Marsta

On 25th and 26th of August 2018, Zainabia Madrasah Marsta Sweden had Tarbiyah Curriculum for their teachers. Four teachers from Trollhattan also joined them. In total there were 14 participants.

Rubab Ladha, Shahid Ladha, Hassan Lilak and Mariam Hassam facilitated the sessions. These were the facilitators that had gone through Train the Trainer Program earlier this year.

The Program goes over concepts such as what it means to nurture piety, what an integrated curriculum is and activities around process and content. There are Lesson demos and a Micro teach session for the teachers to practice the skills that were learnt

Some of the feedback received was:

What is the most valuable learning you are taking away from this training workshop ?

”To improve my skills as not only a teacher but overall individual”

”How to use the tarbiyah curriculum and fun entertaining techniques to facilitate”

When asked: Did the training workshop provide a good understanding of the learner-centered approach

72% Strongly Agreed

28% Agreed

Was the training workshop interactive and engaging?

71% Strongly Agreed

29% Agreed