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Tarbiyah Curriculum Training- Leeds

On September 2nd, 8th and 29th September fifteen teachers participated in the Tarbiyah Curriculum program at Babul Ilm madrasah – Leeds.

Some of the objectives of the program are :

Gain a broad understanding of the structure and function of MCE

Review the history and background of the Tarbiyah Curriculum

Gain a basic understanding of the Tarbiyah Curriculum design, pedagogy and methodology

Look at what an integrated lesson looks like

Gain understanding on what a learner-centered lesson means

Experience an actual lesson demonstration of either bands A -B or Bands C-F.

Some of the feedback received was:

What aspect did you enjoy most about the training workshop?

*The ideas and visuals used.
*Interactive storytelling & practical activities.
*How to keep children engaged throughout.
*Variety of activities… Using simple daily materials

What is the most valuable learning that you are taking away from this training workshop?

*How to engage the child in learning everything about Islam in a short time.

*Learning centered approach, and quality is more important than quantity.
*You can be professional while entertaining the children.