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21 Jul, 2018 / 7th Dhu al-Qidah, 1439 A.H.

Qurbani 2017

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Feed the poor this Eid and give your Qurbani to people in need across Kenya and Tanzania for only £30!

This year, The Council of European Jamaats in Partnership with The World Federation will be distributing Goat Qurbani to those in need, including widows and orphans, throughout Kenya and Tanzania. The meat will provide these families with dietary benefits and connect them to people around the world who are thinking of them during the Eid al Hajj celebration.

Qurbani Prices

All Qurbani requests will be carried out on goats. Whilst Qurbanis can be arranged all year round, to have it done in time for Eid al Adh’ha, please place your order before the closing date of  Thursday 17th August 2017 / 23 Dhul Qa’dah 1438.

What is Qurbani?

Qurbani is the religious practice of sacrificing an animal in the way of Islam whose meat is then distributed among the deserving for consumption and takes place at the end of Hajj. On a spiritual level, this act symbolises the human being’s willingness to give up or detach from those barriers (such as wealth, pride, arrogance) which weaken our faith and hold us back from seeking closeness to God. This is a time for people to reflect on what changes we need to make within ourselves to become better human beings.

WF-Aid supporting your Qurbani

With your support, we can bring smiles to the faces of those who are suffering and in need of our support. Like every year, your donation will help us to reach out and support more communities in the Ummah.

“And proclaim the hajj to people: they shall come to you on foot and on lean camels coming from distant places, that they may witness the benefits for them, and mention Allah’s Name during the known days over the livestock He has provided them. So eat thereof, and feed the destitute.”  (Holy Qur’an 22:27-28)