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PRESS RELEASE: First CoEJ EC Meeting of the new term 2015 – 2018

2:218 Verily, they who have attained to faith, and they who have forsaken the domain of evil and are striving hard in God’s cause – these it is who may look forward to God’s grace: for God is much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace.

The CoEJ EC meeting was held at the NEW Al Zahra Centre in Watford on Sunday 20th December 2015. Alhamdulillah it was well attended by the CoEJ Office Bearers, Executive Councillors from all around Europe including Paris, Marsta, Trollhattan and Switzerland. We at CoEJ are proud to say, the meeting was held in Gujarati as well as English to cater for our European Jamaats and this was our first ever paperless meeting, in keeping with our environmental responsibilities.

The President in his address appointed two councillors as per the constitution, these were:

Abbasali Merali – a qualified chartered accountant running a successful family business and a burgeoning investment portfolio. He is an active member of the Stanmore Jamaat, taking a particularly keen interest in being part of the organising team for Tennis at the annual MAMT tournament. He has three young daughters and lives with his family in North West London.

Esmat Jeraj – graduated with a BA in History from the University of Reading. In her professional life, Esmat works for Citizens UK leading on the Citizens Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life. In a voluntary capacity she is currently an active member of CoEJ and The World Federation of KSIMC Media and External affairs team, as well as a managing trustee for Hyderi Islamic Centre (South London).

CoEJ Madrassah Development Infrastructure
Following the CoEJ Madrassah Retreat where 15 Jamaats/Madaris were present on 17th October, there were various action points that were approved at the CoEJ EC Meeting. The following purpose was also approved at the EC Meeting as well: ‘To collaboratively serve, support and add value to the European Madaris’

The action points approved were as follows:

  • The creation of a CoEJ Madrasah Development Infrastructure.
  • The creation of a CoEJ Madrasah Development Fund.
  • The delegation of naming the CoEJ Madrasah Development Infrastructure to the CoEJ Madarisis
  • CoEJ to work with Madrasah Leaders Group to create a 5 year work plan within the purpose statement.

CoEJ Sports Infrastructure – 13 December 2015

Following the CoEJ Sports Leaders Retreat on 13th December, where Sports Leaders, Captains and MAMT Co-ordinators from 8 Jamaats were present, an action plan emerged which was discussed in the EC Meeting. The five points from that plan include:

  • CoEJ Sports Structure
  • Funding CoEJ Sports
  • Revamp CoEJ MAMT
  • Developing CoEJ Excellence
  • CoEJ Sports Communication

CoEJ Finance Strategy Retreat

The CoEJ Finance Strategy Retreat was held on 14th November 2015. The report was presented and agreed that investing surplus funds in bricks and mortars, after looking at the guidelines by Charity Commission. An approval was given to review such projects and carry out background work before presenting the most feasible option to the EC via email for approval.

Media and External Relations Strategy
The CoEJ/WF Media and External Relations Strategy was discussed and approved. A 2016 6 point action plan has been created.

WF Councillors were elected, these are:

Dr Akber Mohamedali (President)

There were 8 Councillors elected who will job share for the 4 WF Councillor Positions in addition to the President.
Esmat Jeraj
Sajeda Canani
Husein Jiwa
Murtaza Bharwani
Abbas Khaku
Arif Hiridjee
Salim Rehmatullah
Murtaza Gulamhusein