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Eid ul Fitr 1438 AH- Message From The President

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              1st Shawwal 1438

Salamun Alaikum,

On behalf of The Council of European Jamaats, I would like to extend my best wishes to all on this blessed day of Eid.  I pray that all of our A’maals in the Holy Month of Ramadhan have been accepted by The Almighty and that the benefits gained from this Holy Month will continue to bear us fruits for the year to come Inshallah. Eid ul Fitr is always a time for reflection, a time to take stock of the month gone by.  As always, the Holy Month leaves us exceptionally quickly and I hope and pray that we all get another opportunity next year to reap the rewards that this Holy Month provides for us, Inshallah.

Tragically, our faith and our identity have once again come under scrutiny as a result of events within the UK with terror attacks in Manchester, London Bridge, and Finsbury Park Mosque, and across the world in Iraq and Palestine being particularly noteworthy.  We unreservedly condemn terrorism and stand wholeheartedly with the victims of these crimes and their families. We also stand in solidarity with the victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire who have lost everything during this tragedy.

With the rising Islamophobia, we have to become vigilant and be proactive in building stronger relationships with our neighbours at a personal and community level, as well as increase security in our centers to elude any mischief. We need to build stronger alliances with institutions that support humanity and work together to establish harmonious relationships with everyone irrespective of color, faith or creed.  As a Muslim community, we also need to lobby with the government and civil institutions for dealing with Islamaphobia for greater security. Our Media and External Relation Team have been Alhamdulillah very active in responding to the events.

This year has been a busy year for CoEJ and all the ongoing projects have continued. Spiritual Academies Network (SAN) is now established and supporting Madrassahs across Europe with Safeguarding and Teacher Training. Seniors Desk has become active in looking at a housing project and Marital Mediation Training recently also took place. Camp COEJ, Youth Development Programme (YDP), Mentors Training, MAMT, Buloogh Camp, Leadership Development Programme (LDP) and Tanzania Experience (Kibaha Camp) have been continuous projects over the years. In less than two months, European Hajj Mission will be taking Hujjaj under the leadership of the new chair Br. Raza Virjee.

We are grateful and indebted to all our volunteers for their dedication, time and energy and they are the lifeblood of CoEJ. We have made significant strides whether that is through our new Madrassah Infrastructure – the Spiritual Academies Network, or the ever-growing Capacity Building Team, our dedicated sports committees or our dynamic Media and External Relations Team.  None of the work at CoEJ would be possible without our volunteers. We ask Allah (SWT) to reward them amply, which only He can.

The role of CoEJ is to add value to its Jamaat members and we would like to thank all our constituent Jamaats for their support to strengthen CoEJ. We would also like to thank The World Federation and all other Regional Partners for their continuous support and are committed to work collaboratively with all.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the dedicated supporters within CoEJ and around the world, who have given their time, their money and their effort to make sure that the CoEJ community continues to develop and grow.

I pray for the success of our community in Europe and across the globe, and I look forward to another year of spiritual and communal growth inshallah.

With Salaams and Duas,
Dr. Akber Mohamedali
President – The Council of European Jamaats