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President’s Eid Message-1439 AH

Eid al-Fitr Message from the President of the Council of European Jamaats (CoEJ)

On behalf of The Council of European Jamaats, I would like to extend my best wishes to all our community
in Europe and around the world, on this blessed and joyous day of Eid. As the Holy Month of Ramadhan
departs us in its customarily sudden manner, we pray that our faithful efforts of prayer, fasting, charity, and
supplication are accepted by The Almighty and that He bestows upon us another opportunity to acquire His
favour once again in the Holy Month next year.
Indeed, the day of Eid provides an opportune time for reflection and celebration. It is a moment to spend
time with our loved ones, remember our dearly departed ones, congratulate fellow community members,
and approach our neighbours and the less fortunate with the Prophetic values of companionship and
Certainly over the course of the past year, it is these two values that have most lucidly been demonstrated
and strengthened by our community, and the wider Muslim world, in the face of challenging and testing
times for our faith and identity. The rise of populism across the continent and hardening Islamophobia has
contributed to a growing hostility directed at Muslims. Our sisters, our mothers, and our daughters in
particular. Though we must remain vigilant and proactive, I am greatly inspired that Muslims and members
of our community continue to remain active participants in society and public life, excelling in a plethora of
fields, where a new generation of brilliantly bright and terrifically talented youth are building upon the
legacies of our pioneering forefathers. CoEJ will continue to work, through its Media and External Relations
Team, to engage with government and civil institutions, seeking to create a more equitable environment for
our community at large.
It has been a busy year for CoEJ with the continuation of all our projects. Most recently, the Ramadhan
Relief appeal has raised funds to make a real difference to the lives of the impoverished, providing food
packs to tackle the menace of starvation in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. I note my deep gratitude to
WF-AID for facilitating the Ramadhan Relief appeal and our member Jamaats in Europe for promoting this
noble endeavour.
In addition to their invaluable support for the community’s humanitarian initiatives, I must express how
humbled I am to have participated in a number of excellent inter and intra faith iftaars organised by our
member Jamaats during the Holy Month. I had the great privilege to meet and converse with members of
our wonderfully diverse community, adherents, and followers of different faiths and denominations. I must,
in particular, commend the pivotal role our scholars have played in bridging the divides between different
religions and sects, fashioning lasting bonds of friendship and cooperation. It is these efforts by our
grassroots and our scholars on the local level that have enhanced CoEJ’s strategic aims on a national and
regional stage. In consequence, we are stronger as a community and as an institution.
Furthermore, I extend my humble gratitude to all our volunteers, supporters, and donors for their
dedication, their time and their energy. Our institution grows and develops upon their efforts and for which
only Allah (SWT) can reward them.
Finally, this Eid, I would also like to take an opportunity to thank The World Federation, and fellow Regional
partners for their continued and dedicated support. CoEJ prides itself on working collaboratively and
constructively to further the common and shared interests of our community across the world.
I pray for the continued success of our community in Europe and across the world. I look forward to another
year of our collective spiritual growth through the guidance of Allah (SWT) and his chosen ones.

With Salaams and Duas,

Dr. Akber Mohamedali
President –The Council of European Jamaats

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