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Personal Development Masterclass on Conflict Management & Emotional Intelligence – 02 March 2019

Last weekend, the first LDP Alumni Masterclass of the year took place in Al Zahra Centre in Watford. The course was immensely popular with 20 attendees coming from across the country to develop themselves personally. The one day course provided participants with the opportunity to learn two models. The first was Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence model and understanding the role and relevance of emotions in our daily interactions and how we can harness these to have more meaningful relationships with others. The TKI Conflict Management Model was also covered in great depth with the participants getting the opportunity to talk about conflict, the five different modes of conflict resolution and what mode to use in what situation. The interaction, the learning and the feedback was immense with participants and facilitators engaging in rich discussions and dialogue.

Our thanks to Al Zahra Centre in Watford for their kind hospitality as always.

If you’d like to build your capacity, learn more about yourself and develop your knowledge and skill sets, we have another excellent program on the horizon:

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