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NPL 13 & 14 October 2018

The Neuro Psychology of Leaning (NPL) was a 2 days Program that took place on 13th & 14th October 2018 at Al Mahdi Madressah – Wessex.

This Program was facilitated by Sukaina Jafferali, Shahik Mulla & Abbas Ladak and was attended by sixteen participants.


Some of the feedback received was:

What you liked/valued the most?
”The excellent presenters engaged me through the 2-day intensive course with their approach in dealing with one and all or I would have lost interest. They included everyone and this is the best part”
”Learning about my temperament and interactive style. Can understand myself much more, how and why i act in certain ways and why I do what I do”

What Skill will you apply immediately to your role as a teacher?
”Be more understanding of different temperamental types in my class and try and cater to their needs”
‘To understand the temperament of my students so as to prepare appropriate activities and engage them all so they enjoy learning”

When asked: Has the Program provided opportunities for new learning about self?
80% Strongly agreed & 20% Agreed

Does the Program increase self-confidence to be an effective teacher?
40% Strongly Agreed & 60% Agreed.