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Leadership Development Programme 2016

Our annual LDP is a life-changing event that takes place every year around September/October.  This is now the 18th CoEJ LDP and it has been a tremendous success with another sellout crowd this year.  Spaces were limited and as always, our event was delivered with high quality and great ambition.  We started on Saturday 17th September with a Quranic Reflection and a warm introduction to all the attendees by the Head of Capacity Building for the World Federation, Dr Akber Mohamedali.  Having set the scene and facilitated a few exercises on leadership, we went on to talk about key concepts within the scope of Leadership as well as Personal Development, using psychological theories to understand our own selves better and to look deeper within our selves.

On Sunday morning, we started bright and early with another Quranic Reflection in the morning.  We then had Group Reflection Circles which gave participants an opportunity to open up about what they have learnt and how this will change their behaviour.  Following on from this, the participants completed the Psychological Assessment and came out with their Best Fit Types which would be the crux of the afternoon sessions.  Group work was then the order of the day using this to study new concepts in knowledge theory, listening skills, questioning and much much more.  Participants were given some reflective homework to do right at the end of the session which gave them something to chew on until they reconvene again on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd October.

The participants came back on Saturday 1st October re-energised from a two week break.  Having completed a reflection circle in the morning, they looked into the concept of Vision and Purpose throughout the day and used various tools to help them understand what their vision and purpose was.  The evening was spent watching an educational movie to understand how Vision and Purpose can manifest itself.

On the final day, participants once again shared their final learning points in a reflection circle.  This came as an opportunity for the participants to once again open up about their concerns and fears and gives them a chance to see their own gifts.  The morning session was spent learning about communication styles, body language and presenting with presence.  After Lunch, participants looked into the concept of Power and Political Intelligence as well as the importance of continual learning and feedback.  We rounded things off with a closing circle and a dua and with the participants fully energised, we hope and pray that the learning taken from this course will have an impact on their behaviours and will be felt in a positive way by their relationships, by the community and ultimately help them connect better with Allah (swt).

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