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Khoja News

The World Federation along with the Regional Federation’s support is proud to announce a first for the Khoja community with the launch of our very own Khoja dedicated news website.

This dedicated platform that will empower the Khoja community to read and share Khoja related news on achievements, activities and developments.

The platform is designed to work across devices and all around the world, so no matter where our extended Khoja family are, they can read the news that matters to them. But what makes the site truly unique is that it is community-led and allows people to easily submit their stories through the website.

So that means it can be a central and breaking news platform for news on births, wedding celebrations and even tributes on key personalities.  As our Khoja community continues to grow and expand in generations, our rich culture also diversifies, so it’s important that we have a lasting place where we can celebrate our heritage and at the same time keep up with all the fantastic things that are happening in our community.

Please visit www.khojanews.org to engage with the platform, read the stories and also write and submit your stories to share them with other readers, better connecting Khojas across the world.

For more information on Khoja News please click here