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Moon Forecast: Ramadhan 1440AH

The Astronomical New Moon is on Saturday 4 May 2019 at 23:45BST.  The crescent will not be visible on this day

The calculations for crescent visibility on Sunday 5 May 2019 for London are as follows:

Sunset – 8.32 pm

Moonset – 9.06 pm

Crescent age: 20 hours 46 minutes

Moon lag time: 34 minutes

Crescent altitude: 4.35 degrees

Crescent elongation: 11.15 degrees

The crescent will only be visible with optical aid.

The calculations for Stockholm , Sweden  is as follows:

Sunset – 9.53 pm

Moonset – 10.20pm

Crescent altitude: 2.44 degrees

Crescent elongation: 10.57 degrees

Crescent age: 20 hours 8 minutes

The crescent will not be visible.

Expect 1st  Ramadhan 1440AH on Tuesday 7 May 2019 in Europe.

The Hilal Advisory Team will publish the statement on Sunday 5 May 2019 after Maghrib once guidance is received from Najaf.