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European Hajj Mission 2016 / 1437


Message from the administrators of the European Hajj Mission:

HAJJ 1437 AH/2016

The main objective of The European Hajj Mission is to facilitate and organise all aspects of Hajj. Dedicated volunteers with a wealth of experience accompany the group and serve Hujjaj throughout this Holy Journey. As usual, there will also be a medical team to take care of your medical requirements. “WE TRAVEL AS ONE BIG FAMILY”
The dates for this year Hajj are from 26th August to 17th September 2016 at a cost of approximately £3,895. This covers the total Hajj programme which includes accommodation, outside Ziyaraats in Madinah and Makkah and Qurbani. The accommodation at Makkah is at the Masarat Kingdom. The hotel is about 10 minute walk from the Haram. At Madinah the accommodation is at Dallah Taibah hotel which less than 3 minute walk to Masjide-Nabawi. At Arafat, the EHM provides exclusive VIP accommodation and at Mina, the EHM camp is a stone’s throw from the Jamaraat. The speakers accompanying the group this year will be Sheikh Ayub Rashid and Maulana Syed Kalbe Abbas Saheb. Both are well renowned speakers. Limited spaces are available and you are encouraged to book early. It is therefore very important to register as soon as possible. Application forms are available at your Jamaat desk or can be downloaded from the EHM website: http://eurohajjmission.org/images/hajjform.pdf
In conclusion, we pray to Allah (SWT), with the Wasillah of Chawda Masoomin, that those Momineen who have not yet had the opportunity to perform Hajj will Insha’Allah be able to do so this year. Ameen.

Administrators European Hajj Mission