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15 Jul, 2019 / 12th Dhu al-Qidah, 1440 A.H.

CoEJ SAN: NPL 03 & 04 February 2018

The Neuro  -Psychology of Learning (NPL) took place in Al Zahra Centre| 81 Fearnley Street| WD18 0RB Watford| United Kingdom on 03 & 04 February 2018.

This Program was facilitated by:

Sarfaraz Jeraj

Yasin Rahim

Waheeda Rahim

Ammar Farishta

This program gave the teachers an opportunity to understand themselves better and to explore and appreciate difference in students. We had 21 teachers who attended from different Madaris including Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Leicester, Stanmore and Marsta.

Some of the feedback from participants on what they valued the most from the session are:

” Very energetic teaching style that made an impact for sure. Didn’t get bored during any part. It was good we have a variety of facilitators as we saw different styles of teaching in practice.”

“I liked how it started with your self and then madrassa on day two”

When asked about the content of the program 84% rated it as 5/5 and the remaining 16% rated it as 4/5.

On the question: ”Has the program increased your self-confidence to be an effective teacher?”

53% strongly agreed and the remaining 47% agreed.