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17 Aug, 2019 / 16th Dhu al-Hijjah, 1440 A.H.

CoEJ SAN and MCE Tarbiyah Meeting with Madaris

On 28th July 2018 twenty representatives from madaris that have rolled out the Tarbiyah Curriculum came together with CoEJ SAN and MCE at Al Zahra Centre, Watford.

Stanmore Ithnasheri Madrasah, Al Mahdi Wessex Madrasah, Shia Ithna Asheri Madrasah Essex, Sharikatul Hussein- Leicester and Hyderi – South London have all started the Tarbiyah Curriculum and had representatives present on the day. Husseini Madrasah Peterborough had a representative to get a better understanding of the curriculum roll out as they hope to be starting soon.

There were two representatives from Mohamedi madrasah, Birmingham and Baab ul ilm Leeds madrasah joining through conference call too.
The meeting was chaired by Mahmood Hooda, Head of CoEJ SAN and Naushad Merali Head of MCE was also present to answer queries and concerns. The day started with Qur’anic Reflection and Context Setting. On the Agenda there was Sharing positive stories and concerns from rollout, Update from the MCE – Next few milestones, The new teachers portal – status, Next year’s provision for students manuals and storybooks, MCE plan of action of the feedback teachers give, Reviewing challenges and concerns of Tarbiya and Madaris and Tarbiyah’s role for new RSE curriculum. The day ended with Salaah, lunch, and Networking. The meeting was a good opportunity to share and discuss the challenges of roll out of the curriculum and some action points were articulated on moving forward.

The Action Points that were agreed on were:

1. Meeting for teachers to clarify issues that Bands A & B are facing around the story books
2. Regular feedback from teachers regarding what is going on Fiqh matrix (This process has already been started), MCE to undertake Audit of topics covered in the Tarbiyah lessons for Fiqh and look into starting if possible other subjects. Matrix will be shared with Madaris.
3. CoEJ/SAN to meet with WF/MCE to look into issues raised such as next year’s books and Band A & B clarifications.
4. Timeline for the website/portal – impact and pressure on completion.
5. Would a Newsletter be a good option? Updating what Actions have been taken by MCE and would help in managing expectations, could update in SAN newsletter be an option?
6. Bringing RSE on the agenda.