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CoEJ Mediation Refresher Training – November 2019

On 23rd and 24th of November 2019, The Council of European Jamaats held a refresher mediation program at the Kents Hill Training Centre in Milton Keynes for eleven trained CoEJ mediators who have completed a 5 day mediators program with Marhoom Kassam Jaffer in March 2017.

CoEJ currently provides Marital Mediation services to members of the community and moving forward the vision is to expand this to mediation in general. Since the mediation application will now be in several different contexts, the setting of professional standards which are applied to training, practice and supervisory support is crucial.

CoEJ is committed towards supporting the trained mediators in getting accreditation through the College of Mediators in the next twelve to eighteen months. The training and supervision process is currently been undertaken by LADR. LADR is an approved training provider of the College of Mediators.

To increase capacity and the pool of accredited mediators CoEJ is also providing a six day training (three weekends in February) to get a second cohort of mediators. For more information regarding this training please click here.

Over the weekend role play was one of the methods used to practice skills such as talking, listening, resolving which are key skills in mediating.

Below are a few photos that capture the event