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CoEJ East Africa Kibaha Trip 2016

~Discover the joy of generosity in a way you’ve probably never experienced before~

The Health Improvement Board of CoEJ is offering an opportunity for both professionals and students to volunteer in Tanzania for WIPAHS this summer. The dates are between 22 July – 7 August for two weeks (subject to flights availability).


We are currently recruiting a team of professionals and students consisting of Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Opticians, Nurses, gynaecologists, Teachers or any other educational background, IT Skills, Graphic Designers, and photographers etc.

There are various opportunities for you to make that change in others’ lives

Volunteering in Kibaha is a life-changing experience where individuals share their enthusiasm, time, skills, and energy with others. This opportunity allows people to give in a way that allows them to effect positive change. Making a difference can be as simple as spending time with orphans, sharing love and affection, sharing stories and photos, practising basic English with students of all ages. Volunteers work in various capacities.

The purpose of the voluntary program is to add value to others through sharing our resources and skills, promote unity and brother hood between all regions, connecting our community platform to gain experience, promoting faith and ethos.

Full price: £1500 per person (Approx). Final price will be confirmed once Air Tickets have been booked

Click here to apply online:
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For more information, please contact:
Email: secretariat@coej.org
Tel: 0208 696 5200


Some of the comments/experiences from the previous participants:

“An amazing, eye-opening opportunity which revealed the education, healthcare, humanitarian, political and faith systems in Tanzania. ” – Ibtehal

“Healthcare is a scare commodity in the third world, and it was an incredible experience to be involved in the women’s and children’s free clinic provided at the Mediwell Centre.” – Dr Shelina Banat

“The best form of education is experience, and for me Kibaha was one of the best forms of education I have received. Taught me some difficult lessons that being in the UK you aren’t aware of, some harsh realities that some of our Shi’a brethren have to face in the developing countries.” – Alijavad Jaffer

“I came on this trip, expecting to learn something about how people in other situations live and fortunate we actually are. What I ended up learning and gaining was far more than that; I learnt so much about the lifestyle of these people and what goes on behind it; I learnt a lot about myself, what I should be focusing on in life and being thankful for what I have, especially my parents. On a really personal level, I have never felt this close to a group of people that I didn’t even know before, I feel like you guys are like my family now!.” – Hasnain Jiwa