Anjuman-e-Jafariyyah (Watford Jamaat):     Al-Zahra Centre, 81 Fearnley Street, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 0RB     Tel: 0121 446 6437     Ansa: 0121 440 0643     E-mail: info@www.alzahracentre.org | secretary@www.alzahracentre.org     Website: http://www.alzahracentre.org/     Registered Charity Number: 290849

Resident Aalim Vacancy at Al-Zahra Centre, Watford

Below is A Resident Aalim job description which was passed onto us by Anjuman-e-Ja’fariyya, SIMC of Watford (Al-Zahra Centre). Please get in contact with them if you are interested. Resident Alim Vacancy (Full-Time) Anjuman-e-Ja’fariyya, SIMC of Watford •    Duties include leading prayers •    Reciting lectures in both English & Urdu    Conducting seminars

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8th Annual Ali Naqi Memorial Football Tournament

Anjuman-e-Ja'fariyya, SIMC of Watford's 8th Annual Ali Naqi Memorial Football Tournament will be held on Sunday 11th October at Westfield Academy, Watford.

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Resident Alim Vacancy (Full-Time)

Full time resident Alim vacancy at Watford Jamaat

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