London (Hujjat)

Hujjat KSIMC of London (Stanmore Jamaat):     Husaini Shia Islamic Centre, Wood Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 4LQ     Tel: 020 8954 6247     Ansa: 020 8954 8401     Fax: 020 8954 8028     E-mail:     Website:     Registered Charity Number: 288356

‘Visit My Mosque’ across the UK

Alhamdulillah by the grace of the Almighty, last week several Mosques around the UK, including many Jamaats under the CoEJ umbrella opened their doors to the public, in an MCB  initiative to help tackle the misconceptions about Islam. Below are extracts from all the Jamaats that took part, as well as feedback from attendees on

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CoEJ & Stanmore Jaffery’s Joint Careers Day

  On the 20th of September, CoEJ in collaboration with Stanmore Jaffery’s held a joint Careers Day at Hujjat Islamic Centre, Stanmore. Below is an article written by one of the volunteer attendees: On a warm Sunday afternoon, in a quiet road behind Stanmore, Hujjat Islamic Centre held its first Careers Day under SJ Business.

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Prayer for Peace

"The spread of injustice across the globe is worrying to say the very least; whichever part of the world you face, innocent lives are being lost and blood is being inexplicably spilt. The feeling of helplessness to aid those suffering is bruising to many a heart, particularly for those of us living in the West..."

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