The Spiritual Academies Network connects different Madaris across Europe in order to share best practice, provide guidance and commit to training teachers across Europe

CoEJ Madaris

Muhammadi Madrasah, Birmingham   Shia Ithna Asheri Madressa of Essex, Essex   Baab ul Ilm Madressa, Leeds   Sharikatul Hussain Saturday Workshop, Leicester   Husayni Mdrasah, Mahfil Ali   Husseini Islamic Mission Madressa, Middlesex   Husaini Madrasah, Peterborough   Hyderi Islamic Centre Madressa, Hyderi   Hujjat Saturday Workshop, Hujjat   Shia Itna’asheri Madressa, Hujjat  

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Madrasah Leaders Team Workshop

On Saturday 5th November, Madrasah Leaders from across the country came together to network, colloborate and strategise for the coming year.  We were privileged to have representatives from Birmingham, Stanmore, Essex, Hyderi, Peterborough, Leeds and both Paris North and South as well as Trollhättan coming to attend the event in Kents Hill Park, Milton Keynes.

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CoEJ Madrasah Leaders Retreat Full Report

Please click below to see the full report: 2016_01_22 – CoEJ – MLT Workshop 2015 – v8

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