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Camp CoEJ-Girls-Mentors-Day 1

Mentor Diary- Anisah Shah, Pluto Mentor
So it has been day 1 at camp. I am currently on night duty for the first night, to be here for the campers just in case they need anything. They have, after a while, fallen asleep. Their spirits have been high and the campers have been buzzing with excitement and anticipation since we woke up this morning to leave for Derby.
It has been a joy to see the campers already beginning to get comfortable and gel well with each other as we played a series of icebreaker games exploring their rooms and the beautiful site that we are staying at. We also set some ground rules together, to gain a mutual understanding of the values at Camp CoEJ, which they all collaborated well on.
Upon arrival, the campers eagerly unpacked and settled into their rooms, all helping one another, and sharing snacks. We have a vast variety of vibrant young girls here and I can already feel that we are becoming a small family, and I look forward to helping each and every camper achieve the goals they have set for the 10 days at camp.
Some have volunteered to recite Adhan, Iqama, duas and to lead Jamaat Salaat, taking the initial step of coming out of their comfort zone, enhancing their confidence and public speaking skills, through serving Allah.
It’s going to be a beautiful time inshallah.