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Camp CoEJ Diaroes- Girls- Day 9

Camper Diary- Pluto
In Maria’s class, we did two activities, the first one was when Maria split us up in two groups and the first group had to stand in front of other people and see how uncomfortable they looked. Then we had to try on masks and act like the expression of the mask.
In TM Bai’s class, we practiced for the MENTOR VS. CAMPER debate, (camper= camp COEJ wasn’t a waste of time, mentor= camp COEJ was a waste of time). And we made all our points on what we were going to say in the debate.
In the activity today, many of us faced a difficult task- the skyline! I know what you think- skyline- danger! As we got strapped into our harnesses we felt the same. We ran up the ramp and got buckled into the rope that you walk across with for support. We walked, afraid of falling but we didn’t! We walked and swung across the course until we reached the next difficult- the zipline!
Finishing the skyline we walked into the long yet fast-going queue. Hands shaking, palms sweating, pearls of sweat building up our foreheads. Small steps feeling like the long strides towards our doom. Stepping onto the platform that decided our fate, teals were pooling up in our eyes as we looked down. Strapped in, harness pulled we were ready! Rahma thought one push and it’d be the end of her life…
For Planet time, we went outside and performed our camper profiles in front of everyone and talk about ourselves. We ended up listening and learning new facts about people. During PDT, with Maria, we stood around in a circle and learnt how to improve our voices whilst talking, such as using clarity and how to project our voices to become louder.

By: Fatemah Bandali, Imaan Jeganthan, Noor Fatimah Bhojani, Rahma Virjee, Zaina Qamar and Zainab Bandali
Mentors: Zainab Bai and Anisah Bai