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Camp CoEJ Diaries-Girls Mentors-Day 4

Mentor Diary- Sharmin Rajani, Venus Mentor
Today was an interesting day. We started with a Quran session. In this session, we first recited Quran and refreshed our memory of the rule of saakin which we taught the group yesterday. We then played the Quran Challenge Game with the campers which they were very excited for. I really like Quran time because I get really happy seeing the way campers are progressing in their recitation as we teach them the different rules of Harakah.
After the Quran session and lessons, lunch was followed. I love the food the chefs make, every dish is so nice and tasty it doesn’t make me feel homesick at all. After dinner we had the most thrilling activity – Streamwalk!
Some of the girls were really looking forward to it whilst some were tad nervous (including myself!) We walked for 45 minutes to get to the stream which was offsite and ate blackberries along the way. We scrunched up stinging nettles and also had a go at biting that, it tasted exactly like a cucumber. The girls are so brave and really like trying new things. Once we finally reached the stream I was taken aback by surprise with what we had to do; jumping in big puddles, rolling underneath a low log which was directly above a deep puddle, as well as jumping above it. I was dead nervous but some of the girls were loving it. It was really nice to see them enjoying but even better to see how they were encouraging each other to do it. The positive and encouraging words that were flowing around just made my day, it was a live display of the values that we have been trying to nurture in them, which is supporting each others growth. It also helped me jump in too!
After coming back all drenched, we were again treated by our lovely chefs with hot chocolate and fruit. We all had a hot shower, had a chance to have our clothes washed and then we continued with dinner and a session of Planet time, which we used to calm down and play board games.
Our day finished off with a PDT ( Personal Development Time) by Waheeda Aunty in understanding the difference between bullying and banter. I think this was really important for them to learn at this age because it’s such a widely known problem in school nowadays. This created space and a safe platform for them to share any issues and learn how to deal with it.
Lastly we finished with dessert, salaah and Dua Kumail followed by postbag, which are the emails parents send their daughters. The girls love this part and are always wondering whether they will receive their letter each day. After putting my planet to sleep, I prepared myself for night duty, part of which I used to reflect on the day and write this diary entry. Alhamdulillah I’m so happy Allah has given me this opportunity to help these beautiful and innocent souls and I feel so humbled and blessed.