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Camp CoEJ Diaries-Girls-Day 6

Camper Diary- Pluto
We started the day with breakfast, followed by a class with Gemma where we did a string activity. We held string with each other and then have to untangle it but you can’t let go of the strings. We had to work as a team, building our teamwork skills. We further participated in an activity where we had to work together and collaborate.
In Tahira Mahdiyya bai’s (TM bai) class, we had a lesson on valuing others. We each had buckets with cards in, and we had to write compliments about others. At the end of the day, we got to read all the compliments.
In our Quran class, we sat around a table and took turn to recite a verse each of Surah-e-Fatiha, and the meaning of each verse. Reciting the surah with the meaning in depth made us think of the Quran in such a beautiful way. We started making a booklet by making the cover of Surah Fatiha with the meaning.
For lunch, we had roast chicken, potatoes, and vegetables and was served by Planet Venus. As soon as my teeth sunk into the roast chicken, an abundance of flavours rushed into my mouth. The chicken was not too moist, but was so deliciously succulent and flavoursome. And altogether with the soft potatoes, and scrumptious, nutritious veggies, this combination of food I will never forget.
For one of our activities, we did the team swing. It was extremely scary but also very fun. We were strapped up for safety reasons, sat in our harnesses, and pulled up by the other campers. We had to pull the cord to be released. We then swung up and down until we came to a stop. It was soooo fun!
In PDT, we did origami. The reason behind doing it was to practice our teamwork and patience. We enjoyed this session because we all communicated. Even though we didn’t win, we all gained some important skills.
After salaah, we got to witness a real night of beauty. Laying on the damp, yet surprisingly comfortable blanket, we felt like the world was gorgeous. Stars as sparkly as diamonds filled the sky, making unimaginable constellations. From the corner of our eyes, we noticed a little jewel shoot across the sky- shooting stars.
By: Fatemah Bandali, Imaan Jeganathan, Noor Fatimah Bhojani, Rahma Virjee, Zaina Qamar and Zainab Bandali
Mentors: Anisah Bai and Zainab Bai