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Camp CoEJ Diaries- Girls-Day 5

Camper Diary- Venus
Today we learnt about Prophets in Nazmina Aunty’s class. We got a question sheet and a list of Prophets so we had to match the Prophets to the questions. Did you know – the people of Add
(the architectural people) thought they were more superior than Allah (swt), so Prophet Hud (pbuh) was sent to them. The people didn’t listen to the Prophet so Allah created an earthquake
that destroyed their architectural buildings and killed the people of Add. Quran lessons are always fun, which is why everyone looks forward to it. In Quran lessons we do
different activities to learn different topics in Quran. For example, yesterday we read the meaning of the starting of Surah e Maryam. Today we played a board game called Quran ChallengeWe
really enjoy them and learn so much from them. In the afternoon, after lunch and salah, we packed for our activity and then prayed Jumu’ah on the
grass. Then we left the Lea Green campsite in a minibus to go to a Jungle Forest/Grass land area to do our activity. It was lots of fun and quite muddy! We crawled through trees, branches and lots of leaves. The view was breathtaking from the top and it was definitely worth the uphill climb! We really enjoy Planet time because it gives us an opportunity to know the other girls in our
Planet; whether it’s by playing a game or having a discussion. We usually do team building activities, reflect on our day and play board games. This helps us to see how well we’ve done in
the day. It also gives us an opportunity to get to know our mentors more as we discuss many things together and all of us are involved in whatever we do in Planet time.
By: Aamina Tharoo, Aasiya Azeemali, Aliyah Zahra Naqvi, Fatema Ahsana Rajabali, Fatemazahra
Janmohamed and Mina Jiwa
Mentors: Sharmin Bai and Zahra Bai