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Camp CoEJ Diaries- Girls-Day 4

Camper Diary- Mercury
Today after breakfast, we had an interesting class with Tahira Mahdiyya bai, where we learnt about goals and how to be positive in what we want to achieve. We watched an inspiration video about how we can change the world with our mind. We reflected upon what we had achieved, and what we want to achieve. We were advised to dream big and how anything can be possible. This was a really inspiring, interesting and interactive lesson.
In Gemma’s class, we did many activities which reflected on our skills, energy, and talents. For example, we had to work together to get hoops around us, and each time a hoop overlapped another hoop, we would get 5 points. At first we didn’t achieve that much, but when we worked as a team, we achieved a better result. We also played many other games to test our memory and concentration.
Overall, after both lessons, we came to the realisation that we have the potential to do anything we want to, as long as we put our mind to it.
The main activity today was the stream walk. It was a very long walk and we felt uncomfortable at first, but we had strength and determination and wanted a challenge. We all worked as a team together, and we all got success. During the way there were many obstacles which we conquered together. We supported each other going beneath the logs in freezing cold water. It was a very adventurous activity, and it was an exciting experience as most of us have never done anything like it before. Having the other girls around to support us, was beneficial and supported our growth. The scenery was organic, luxurious and rich, and one of the very best parts of the activity was making a big splash in the puddles.
In Planet time, we completed our log books by writing about our fun and exciting journey! We were talking and sitting at different rainbow coloured benches! Our mentors were at a different bench helping campers by encouraging them about Salaah and the Duas, and on leading salaah. Also we got our star sheets and we completed it by improving in different things e.g. Getting closer to Allah (swt). We all have improved a lot on different things are proud of ourselves and each other  Some of us achieved a huge thing: we got over our fears of heights / small places / tunnels. This was all because of our mentors. They are super positive and nice! They are awesome! All we would like to say to them is THANK YOU!
One of the Quran activities today was to go to different benches each and recite Quran. The aim of the game was to project our voice so others can hear us. The benches weren’t very close together. We started with the 30th Juz but then we moved onto a harder Surah. After we all had a turn at reciting we faced our backs to each other and then we recited! This made it even harder as our voices were away from each other.
One of the campers in our planet lead Jamaat Namaaz and it made her feel like a “floating heart
bubble” which we learnt in Nazmina Aunty’s class. Praying Jamaat Namaaz, may seem like a nervous thing to do, but after praying, it feels like you are on cloud 9! Many other people have led Namaaz and they felt the same too.
By: Aalia Alibhai, Alisha Ramji, Fatema Tahera Jaffer, Fatema Walji, Ismat Zehra Rajani, Jannah Virjee and Zahra Khimji