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Camp CoEJ Diaries-Girls- Day 3

Camper Diary- Pluto
In our first class today, we made beautiful posters of 3 of Allah’s amazing names and scenarios we would use them in. One of the names we chose was Al Ghaffar – the forgiver and we can use it when we have done something wrong to ask for forgiveness, Or if someone did something wrong to us and we just could not forgive them we can ask Allah to give us the strength to forgive them.
The second class we had was with Nazmina aunty. We learnt about some of the secret salaat superpowers. They include The Force field of decency; Personal Organiser; Floating heart/ Bubble; Deep Focus. We also made a salaat superhero and had to choose 3 powers. We did an activity where we had a cup of juice and 2 straws; we put one straw in the cup & the other out; with this activity, we learnt that you need your mind and body to pray salaat properly.
We then had Quran Time. In group four we are focusing on reciting the Qur’an (Specifically Suratul Fatiha). We did it in a tune that we copied from a 9-year-old girl. We started off together and then individually reciting on our own by slowly getting louder and more confident.
In Planet Time, we discussed about hatred and at the end of the day you cannot hate someone, you should give them 70 excuses which was quoted by Prophet Muhamed. As well as this, one of the ladies who helped us with the obstacle was saying that in life you will go through difficulty but by challenging yourself you achieve and succeed.
In PDT, a former primary teacher, Gemma came in and talked to us about mnemonics. They are weird actions and words that help you remember different things. They are actions and words that help you remember different things. The mnemonics were about how to talk to people of you want to make friends. It was an interesting and valuable experience and we all really enjoyed it.
We came together as a planet and supported each other in reciting parts of the Maghrib Salaah such as the Dua, Reflection, Ziyarat and leading the Jamaat Salah. Doing this helps us grow as a person and also encourages us to become more confident by trusting/ helping one another.
At dinner time, we all served dinner to everyone with love. From this, we learn to be grateful and also grow closer.
By: Fatemah Bandali, Imaan Jeganathan, Noor Fatimah Bhojani, Rahma Virjee, Zaina Qamar, Zainab Bandali
Mentors: Zainab Bai and Anisah Bai