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Camp CoEJ Diaries- Girls -Day 1

Camper Diary- Mercury
We woke up by our mentors. Some of us were exhausted, so we freshened up and also had a sweet, scrumptious breakfast. We delayed the packing of our suitcases on the coach so we could enjoy playing thrilling games with our hard-working mentors, then we settled in our coaches
As we put our suitcases in the coach we all got excited to do the activities. We entered the coach nice and quickly so we could reach on time and as early as possible. The journey was 1 Hour 50 Minutes, as the journey went by we all got more tired and nervous and all we wanted to do was sleep, however, we were going to have so much fun. As we were getting close to Derby, our mentors served us with some delicious Pizza. It was very delicious. When we finally reached, we left the coach and said thank you to the driver. This may have been a long journey but it was totally worth it!!
At free time we were allowed to go to the Park. It was awesome. Our favourite thing over there was probably the giant bowl that spins and moves. We sat on it for nearly the whole time because it was very comfortable. There was also a climbing frame that had a slide.
We did lots of activities and one of our favourites part was Planet Time, where we would get into our planets and play a game. We played the game “think twice” and it was very fun. The questions were very interesting and there was a lot to talk about. Our mentors also took us to the park.
PDT is when we sat all together in a circle – Since it was our first PDT we went round and first said our name, then where we are from, then why we were at Camp CoEJ and lastly something special about ourselves.
In the orientation quiz today we were scavenging all around Lea Green looking for clues and answers. One of the girls in planet Mercury and her mentor came across a gorgeous cat with different shades of black and brown fur. Fatema was terrified as she had never been this close to a cat before, so instead of running away, Fatema decided to stay and watch her mentor (she was obsessed with cats) and pat it. A few seconds later Fatema was no longer frightened and grew a special place in her heart for the cat: Macy. She went over calmly towards the cat and stroked her gracefully. Fatema was no longer scared and spent over 20 minutes with the adorable Macy. Fatema’s main goal for Camp CoEJ 2017 is to overcome her fears and take the opportunity to try out new things. It is only the first day and she’s had the opportunity to meet her aim. Planet Mercury cannot wait to explore and embark upon their next adventure at the camp.
We were so glad to listen to the letters that you sent to us. All of us listened to them in the post bag session thanks so much. “PostBag” is when all of the letters are read out to all of us, we also prayed Jamaat Salaah for all 5 namaaz and we also do a camp Salawat.
We are all looking forward to our sleep tonight.
By: Aalia Alibhai, Alisha Ramji, Fatema Tahera Jaffer, Fatema Walji, Ismat Zehra Rajani, Jannah Virjee and Zahra Khimji
Mentors: Fatema Bai and Sakina Bai