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Camp CoEJ Diaries-Boys-Day 8

Camper Diary- Saturn


For breakfast, we had a choice between the finest toast of all- ‘Hovis’ or a selection of delicious cereals. We also had a variety of spreads to put on the toast or bread, including Nutella, butter, syrup etc.

After Quran, we went to the Heights of Abraham. To visit the site, we had to travel up the cable cars. Through the windows, we could see a vast area of England, and most of Derbyshire. Once we got to the top, we walked around for a bit before finding a place to recite salaah. After salaah, we toured around, bought gifts and food, and explored a vast, abandoned mine. We then went to the gift shop and got ice-cream.

We had lunch at the Heights of Abraham which was a meal bag drawn from the finest of kitchens in Lea Green, including a wrap, juice, chocolate bar, crisps and a cereal bar.

We then went to the top of the tower to enjoy a panoramic view of England. Shortly after, we returned from this exciting day for Planet Time. We decided to do something different and played ‘Think Twice’. We were given a card which contained multiple choice questions. After each question, we had a chance to shoot a penalty, Once everyone was done, we played a match. We divided our planet into 2 groups and played. Time flew so fast that we missed our turn to serve. For dinner, we had rice and meatball and egg curry. It was scrumptious and we all enjoyed it. The meal filled us up very nicely.

In PDT, Maria taught us about pressure and stress. We identified the difference between the 2 and made a note of what makes us stressed. We concluded that that different people have different capacities for pressure. We thought about different ways to tackle stress. The session was interactive – we all participated and learnt a lot. We can handle stress by doing wudhu, praying to Allah, and taking deep breaths.

By: Ali Tharoo, Baqir Ali Somani, Hassan Mithani, Imran Rajan, Maisam Hussain, Mohammed Abbas Lilani, Qaim-Ali Ravji, Saami Hussein Jaffer and Yasir Walji
Mentors: Ammaar Bha and Yasir Bha