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Camp CoEJ Diaries-Boys-Day 6

Camper Diary-Neptune After being inspired by Bibi Fatima a.s. at night, we thought of a brilliant idea of waking up for

After being inspired by Bibi Fatima a.s. at night, we thought of a brilliant idea of waking up for salatul-layl. Everyone really liked the idea. Our mentors (Altaf bha and Maisam bha) stayed awake just to wake us up for salatul-layl! Hats off to Altaf bha and Maisam bha. They woke us up at 2.30. Five of us in the team woke up. We were honoured to have Abbasali Gulamhussein of our group lead fajr namaaz. He also felt

He also felt honoured to be chosen to lead namaaz. At first he was extremely nervous but when he recited, he felt really good. He had never led a large group so it was very exciting and he felt really happy that he got a chance. Hopefully he can lead more namaz’s before the camp is finished. Today we undertook an amazing activity which promised to be heart racing but enjoyable.

Today we undertook an amazing activity which promised to be heart racing but enjoyable. First we were given harnesses and attached to the swing. Then all the campers exercised team work by hoisting up the campers on the swing with a rope. Once we were approaching the top the butterflies started and the adrenaline built. The scariest part was that there was a rope which the people on the swing pulled to release themselves. All taking part had an amazing time. During sports and

During sports and games we played football against Mars. Both teams were very competitive and the game was extremely close. Even though it was heated we did not forget to maintain our brotherhood. In the end Neptune came out on top winning 14-9. Even though Neptune were 4-1 down we did not give up and worked as a team to win the game. We scored many good goals and everyone in the team played together like Barcelona. All in all, we had a fantastic time and we all learned key lessons. Imran Karim of Neptune had the

Imran Karim of Neptune had the honour to lead the dhohr salah. This was recited beautifully and majestically. Eventually everyone praised him including Sheikh Kumail Rajani. He felt very happy as he touched someone’s heart who didn’t want to lead salah.

Since breakfast, some of us were looking forward to lunch. After team swing, we showered and after that, we went to line up for lunch. I asked my friend what lunch was and he told me roast chicken. I didn’t believe in him and I just stood in the line. Just then, one of the adults came with the trolley with lunch. We looked at it and our mouths were watering when we saw the roast chicken. After being served by Jupiter, we went to sit with our friends. The lunch was probably the best we have had so far. We ate as normal by talking with our friends. The lunch was delicious and after that we went to play soccer.

Our first lesson was gender interaction with Kumail bha. We spoke about how to deal with different situations with the opposite gender. Then we had a lesson with Gemma about how to work together and get a win-win situation. Then we went to Mazaher bha’s class and did tug of war. This showed us how to positively win encouragement and discouragement. We learnt a lot and it was really enjoyable.

After lessons, it was time for Quran class and we had a special appearance in the shape of Altaf bha. During Quran, we read a page then in turns we read a line. Afterwards we played an intense game of Quranic snap whereby we have to slap our hands on some laminated Arabic words that have the same amount of dots and say the letter and whoever says it first gets all the cards put down, becoming a richboy in Islamic letters.

It was the best dinner some of us have had so far at Camp CoEJ. In fact it was so nice that some of us went for a second plate. Well, I haven’t told you what the food is. It was a lovely plate of stew. It was so nice that I saw people smiling.

Maghrib salah was beautifully led by newcomer Sheikh Kumail Rajani with elegance and at a steady pace. We then recited the famous Camp CoEJ salawat before an enlightening reflection about the dyeing of the beards of the elderly companions of P. Muhammad (saw). Isha salah was led by Mohammad Jawad. Praying Jama’a created an amazing sense of unity in the atmosphere. We can strongly say that all of the CoEJ family have supported us especially the mentors, as we lead salaah.

After a long day, we ended it with stargazing in the early night, The whole family was outside having fun in the fresh air. In star gazing we learnt that we are basically looking at the past! We also learnt that stars produce iron when it blows up! In the end we all had a fun time!

By: Abbasali Gulamhussein, Elias Jaffer, Husaynali Merali, Imran Karim, Minhaal Ratansi, Muhammad Jawad Virjee, Rezwaan Sadiq, Sajjad Ali Moti, Shahid Ali Suteria and Zainali Rajabali
Mentors: Altaf Bha and Maisam Bha