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Camp CoEJ Diaries-Boys-Day 5

Camper Diary- Jupiter
Today we went into the jungle and we got very muddy. We had to go uphill and it was quite tiring. The view from the top was amazing. From fields to gardens, we saw the beautiful creation of Allah. The task we were supposed to complete was quite difficult, but as a team we completed it. Everyone was helping out and telling each other where to go and how to go in order to keep safe. The favorite part of the Jungle walk where the tight holes and pathways where you had to crawl headfirst through the most steep and muddy parts of the jungle. Everyone was so kind and risked injuring themselves to assist others through the journey. Thankfully no one got hurt!
In Kumail bha’s lesson, we learnt about peer pressure and drugs. We learnt how to say ‘no’. We then did a role play on the topic. Now, in the future, we know how to just refuse. We are more equipped than before.
In Mazaher bha’s lesson, we learnt, studied and reviewed about Islamophobia. We learnt the definition and how it started, as well as who caused it. We realised that we can also be a cause. As Muslims, we have to behave peacefully and demonstrate through our behaviour, how Muslims really are. We have to be kind, and occasionally preach about religion in a way that people will understand.
In Gemma’s class, we did a problem-solving activity. We completed the activity quickly and learnt about different types of people in a team. We then repeated the activity again and were allowed to leave early. We can apply the skills learnt in the lesson to work more effectively as a team in our remaining activities.
In Quran class, we were reciting Surah Mulk and we were using Menshawy’s recitation. We were working towards making our voices and fluency just like him. We also did common mispronunciations like ‘heart’ and ‘dog’. They look the same in arabic, but you need to say one from your throat and one through your tongue.
We then had PDT (Personal Development Time). We had the Vice President of CoEJ come in and tell us about himself. This was very beneficial as it gave us an insight as to how the camp runs and what goes on behind the scenes. This gave us a motive to show more respect to the mentors and everyone that runs the camp, as we now understand how complex it is and how hard it is to organise this sort of thing.
Our confidence and social skills have phenomenally increased over the last few days. We have been encouraged to step out of our comfort zones and participate in all the activities.

By: Abbasali Merali, Ali Jeganthan, Ali Reza Kassam, Alizaman Alibhai, Amaan Sadiq, Mohamed Amersi, Qasim Rahemtullah and Raafi Jaffer
Mentors: Zaheer-Abbas Bha and Ali Jawaad Bha