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Camp CoEJ Diaries-Boys-Day 4

Camper Diary- Saturn
We woke up at 8:30am, and fulfilled our peckishness with breakfast. After breakfast, we entered a van, awaiting departure to take us to our activity of the day. Upon stepping out of the vehicle, our
eyes were greeted with light of duck shell bliss. The great Derbyshire outdoors. Majestically placed trees stood tall and proud, an umbrella shielding the wildlife from a golden coin in the baby blue
sky. Our heart beat could be heard as it raced.

After walking for a while, we arrived at the stream and ventured upwards. Throughout the duration of our trek, we waded through the stream avoiding the rocks and piles of moss. During
the hike, we crawled under arches made of logs and through caves of stone. Today was amazing and fun filled activities today. Looking back, we have taken a lot out of it. One of the lessons we have learnt is that when a person is scared they tend to avoid that particular thing. During the stream walk, however, scared a person was, they stepped out of their comfort zone. In addition to the stream line activity we had a beautiful chance to adore the nature which God created. This was something we don’t really do. I can’t wait for the days ahead of us and what is in store in Camp CoEJ.

In Planet Time, we played the UN-game in which we needed to choose out of different questions. One of the questions was which famous person would you choose as your parents? We also had to try
to describe a person to say if they are nice and what is nice about them. The whole activity was amazing. At lunch time, we had meat curry, rice and naan after Jamaat Namaz. It was very nice. Everyone had lunch with their friends. Afterwards we went to play football.

We had the most interesting lesson from Sheikh ImranAli on our potential and how to unlock it to a full level. We learned that it was crucial to believe in being able to do something to be able to do
it. This was exemplified by the 4-minute mile by Barrister, who, once he had broken this record, even admitted he had completed this in a dream which made him believe he could do it. However,
unlocking your potential takes effort and determination also. We showed ourselves how determined we are by completing the self-grit test. In Gemma’s class, we learnt to juggle in just 45 minutes. Gemma is an amazing trainer as we almost learnt to juggle and it was just the lesson starter. It was to teach us about the stages of learning which are: 1. Unconscious Incompetent; 2. Conscious Incompetent; 3. Conscious Competent; and 4. Unconscious Competent. At the beginning of Kumail Bha’s class, we were told to take the cup of water in front of us and

At the beginning of Kumail Bha’s class, we were told to take the cup of water in front of us and with the two straws provided we placed one in the cup and one outside. We tried to suck the
water. We found that it was extremely difficult to drink water because we were sucking air as well. This represented our minds in namaaz, where the water is the focus on namaaz and the air is our other thoughts. We talked about how to fully focus on Allah during namaaz. After this, we talked about how we help and will help the 12th Imam at the moment and after his reappearance.
In Quran, we split into 2 groups. One group went with Ammaar bha and Zaheer Abbas Bha and one group went with Alimehdi bha. We recited around 2 pages and focussed on fluency and our
tone. We also listened to each other and learnt to implement each other’s good qualities in our own recitation.

At dinner time, we had lasagne, garlic bread, and coleslaw. Today it was our planet’s turn to serve the dinner to everybody. It felt good serving the community.
During PDT today, Gemma, did some problem-solving activities with us. It was very enjoyable, however it was quite challenging for every group as the first activity was mind-boggling. We were
given scissors and lots of scrap paper and we had to create a replica of an origami puzzle place in the middle of the room. To solve it, we worked as a team and were given a clue. The clue was that
the paper had to have three cuts in different places in order to fold it in such a manner to look like the model. The whole group enjoyed it very much as it was very informative. Saturn won as we
finished first.
By: Ali Tharoo, Baqir Ali Somani, Hassan Mithani, Imran Rajan, Maisam Hussain,, Mohammed
Abbas Lilani, Qaim-Ali Ravji, Saami Hussein Jaffer and Yasir Walji
Mentors: Ammaar bha and Yasir Bha