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Camp CoEJ Diaries- Boys- Day 3

Camper Diary- Neptune
Fajr may be extremely hard to wake up for but in the end, it is most definitely worth it. From reciting our camp Salawat in unison, to performing our unique handshake, it may be hard to wake up for but is an enjoyable, enlightening experience that hopefully all of us will carry on after the camp.
During Planet Time, we went and cleaned our room as it was untidy. My fellow campers and I picked up any stuff that people had left when they came to our room. A few moments later we finished cleaning our room by vacuuming.
Football was fun today because there were not too many people in the other team. We only had it with Jupiter. The outdoor ground was wet because of the rain in the morning, but it was better than yesterday. We worked as a team to score goals and it went well. This was an interesting experience because the teams were mixed up and we bonded with the other planet. We were also different ages so it was harder but football is always fun! Some people played badminton and some people played basketball. However, later on, most people went to play football so there were only four of us left to play badminton. We played singles, one of us was teaching the other how to hit shots that went right to the back. One of us played two matches and won both as a special tactic was doing drop shots. This was the reason for winning.
The Obstacle course looked imposing but exciting. The first obstacle was the Hex. This was a mix of balancing and stamina. Some people were naturals at balancing but needed better stamina. We all enjoyed our time on the Hex and were raring to go onto the next imposing obstacle. We also tried it with blindfolds! Once we had finished we went on the low ropes and we achieved the high score.
After a revitalising shower, it was time for Dhohr and Asr salah. Today ImranAli bha talked about another “Rabana” Qunoot dua: “My Lord have mercy on my parents just as they brought me up when I was little.” Following salah it was time for lunch. It reminded me of home as the main meal was divine deal which was top, thanks to the incredible chefs we have here Alhamdulillah. After eating a sizeable amount of daal, we had a chat with mentors then went to our rooms.
After that wonderful and amazing lunch we went for 3 classes. Our first one was with Mazaher bha. In his class we learnt about how ants do their work and how different creations of Allah are made and how they live. Then we were off to the second class which was with Gemma and we learned communication skills by throwing bean bags at targets without looking. Then we went to Imran Ali Khakhi bhas class. We learnt about Khayr and Allah (s.w.t.). The lessons were amazing and we really enjoyed. We must say that the teachers and mentors are really good and fantastic.
We served the scrumptious dinner, but as soon as our tremendous chance came to eat, we took it. The pizzas cheese melted in our maths, while the chicken digested in our bellies.

PDT is short form for Personal Development Time. It is the time when all campers come together in the room to discuss the news and we read out the emails from parents. Today we finished dinner and gathered in the hall, we read out the emails, which made everyone laugh a great amount. Then the news came, a few individuals were waiting for the Kenyan election results, whilst others were eagerly listening for the transfer news. All in all, it was very fun and everyone had a good laugh
By: Abbasali Gulamhussein, Elias Jaffer, Husaynali Merali, Imran Karim, Minhaal Ratansi, Muhammad Jawad Virjee, Rezwaan Sadiq, Sajjad Ali Moti, Shahid Ali Suteria and Zainali Rajabali