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Camp CoEJ Diaries-Boys-Day 2

Camper Diary- Mars
Today, after breakfast, we started our activities; buggies and team tasks. The buggies were fun and it was something new for us to try. We drove go-carts with pedals and raced each other. We had two teams competing; the red and the white team drew. Our next activity was Team tasks. They were very fun and made us use our brains in many different ways. Everyone worked as a team to complete the tasks and challenges.
After activities, we had Planet Time in our room. We ate our snacks and got to know each other better, stepping out of our comfort zones. We connected with our fellow campers and mentors, by sharing our experiences. As a result, we found we could really relate to each other’s lives and grew spiritually, and now feel more as a family.
We played an indoor activity called ‘human solitaire’. It was a really fun game, and we also learnt to communicate with other members of our planet, as well as help Hilal to learn new English words.
After salaah, we had noodles for lunch, and then went to our classes.
In Kumail Bha’s class, we explored how to build a relationship with Allah. At the beginning, he showed us an experiment when you put an egg into water and it sank. Then each time we put salt in, which represented a step with our relationship to Allah, the egg floated more and more each time. This shows the more you work towards Allah, the closer you will get. In Mazaher bha’s class, we discussed the issues in society, and debated potential solutions, as well as discuss how we can play a positive role in society. In Sheikh Imran Ali’s class, we discussed understanding the potential we have, and how to make the most of it.
In PDT Time, we were discussing the family rules that we made the previous day, and checked if all campers are happy with the rules as well as making a couple new ones. Everyone put their initials on the paper. We had a delicious dessert of Bread and Butter pudding, followed by Maghrib and Isha Salaat.
By: Abbas Datoo, Bilal Hussein, Hilal Goulamaly, Imranali Ladha, Irfan Karim, Mikaeel Hassan Jaffer, Muhammad Gulamhussein and Sajjad Shabir
Mentors: Mehdi Bha and Mohammed Ali Bha