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Camp CoEJ Diaries- Boys- Day 1

Camper Diary- Jupiter
The thrill you get when you finally spot it “there” you scream. Lea Green was built in 1909. Finally, the mystery is over and the adrenaline which was pumping finally dies down. “Yes, we found it”.
Today we woke up early and prepared for the coach journey. We travelled in a nice coach from Milton Keynes Mosque to the site. We then arrived at Lea Green camp area, settled in our rooms and made our beds. Then we prayed our salah and had a delicious lunch of chicken pilau for lunch. We then did some Orienteering and made some house rules. We enjoyed playing icebreakers to get to know each other and explored the camp site. We really enjoyed the Orienteering activity where we went around

We really enjoyed the Orienteering activity where we went around looking for answers to questions. Lea Green is very big and the activities are enjoyable. It was a fun activity because we all worked together and had to find places to get the answers. Today being the first official day at Camp CoEJ, has given us a good impression of the days to come and we are so happy to be here.
By: Abbasali Merali, Ali Jeganthan, Ali Reza Kassam, Alizaman Alibhai, Amaan Sadiq, Mohamed Amersi, Qasim Rehmatullah and Raafi Jaffer
Mentors: Zaheer-Abbas Bha and Ali Jawaad Bha.