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Camp CoEJ Diaries -Boys Mentors- Day 1

Mentor Diary- Ammaar Rahim, Saturn Mentor
After months and months of Preparation, the camp has officially started. On Sunday evening the campers all gathered at Milton Keynes for the start of the camp. After the usual pre camp checks the campers started to get to know each other.
For every mentor, this is the moment we are waiting for. How will the campers gel? How will they get to know each other? And woah, all my worries went out the window.

Campers who have never met each other got on like long lost brothers. It was an amazing sight to see. Strangers who over the course of an evening became brothers.
On Monday morning all the campers were up bright and early to head to the camp site. The excitement was palatable. We loaded the coaches and headed
off to Derby.
We arrived at 1 pm and straight away blessed the camp with the recitation of Salah followed by a smashing serving of chicken pilau for lunch.
Following lunch, the campers were given an orientation of the campsite, followed by a session with their planet.

The day ended with personal development time where the campers heard all the messages that the parents have sent in. It was amazing to see the campers
all listen attentively as messages were being read out. For all the mentors, it’s been a tiring first day at Camp CoEJ. However what personally keeps me going is the small spark of growth that we have already seen in all of the campers. Over the space of the 10 days, we pray that the spark becomes a beacon of growth and development.
Bring on the next 9 days.