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4th Annual Madrasah Leadership Teams (MLTs) Workshop

CoEJ SAN held its 4th Annual Madrasah Leadership Teams workshop. This was held in Al Zahra Centre, Watford. The workshop provided a platform to liaise, network and share information with each other and to proactively plan for the future.

This Session had 25 representatives in Leadership positions from across the Madaris in Europe and delivered by six facilitators.

The workshop involved the sharing of best practices and discussing the opportunities and challenges the Madaris are facing in Europe today. Representatives shared their views from their teaching experience outside of Madrasah and discussed how they could apply it to Madaris. The MLT workshop provided an opportunity for Madaris Leaders to present any innovative products or resources their madrasah has developed and implemented successfully.

The Behaviour Management team discussed what Behaviour challenges Madaris faced and deliberated on the needs of Madaris concluding with some action points/strategies to address those needs and support Madaris in addressing those needs.

During the MLT Workshop, the Madaris and CoEJ Spiritual Academies Network contract for 2019 was also created.

Below are some pictures that capture moments from the workshop.

Interfaith Pilgrimage Visit.

A group of 20 people from the Interfaith Pilgrimage came to visit Al Zahra Mosque as part of their tour of all religious sites in Watford. The group visited the centre at around 3.30 pm on Sunday 18 November 2018 during which Dr Akber Mohamedali had the opportunity to give a short tour and talk on our faith.