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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Home Minutes Minutes of The CoEJ Executive Council Meeting held on 24 April 2010 at Portchester Community School, Wessex


The meeting commenced at 11:08 with the recitation of the verses of The Holy Quran by Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo.

President welcomed everyone and thanked Wessex Jamaat for hosting the meeting.

President introduced Sis. Auzmah Rajani Esmail, a new member of the Secretariat team and requested all the delegates and invitees to introduce themselves.

Br. Roshan Gangji – President of Wessex Jamaat welcomed everyone to the meeting and went over some housekeeping rules.

1. Minutes of the last Meeting

Correction: President thanked all for attending and Milton Keynes (previously stated Watford) for their hospitality.

Proposed by: Br. Mahmood Rehemtulla
Seconded by: Br. Kamran Shah

Matters Arising:

a.    Br. Abbas Rahim enquired if there was anyone to take up the position for the NGO Co-ordinator. Secretary General informed that secretariat had advertised the post on the website and through the Jamaats but did not receive any response. However, Br. Murtaza Gulamhusein has shown interest in the post. We will soon be contacting him to ask if he is still willing to take up the post.

b.    Br. Mahmood Rehemtulla asked if there was an item on the agenda to discuss The World Federation Meeting in Dar-es-Salaam. Secretary General suggested bringing up under AOB.

c.    Br. Mahmood Rehemtulla enquired if there were any developments on EHM. President advised that EHM are holding a meeting on 16 May 2010 to discuss the matter and will advise on the outcome at the next meeting. It was suggested that EHM report and other subcommittee reports should be added as an item to the Agenda.
Action 1: Item on the Agenda: Committee Reports to be presented by the EC Link

d.    Secretary General was pleased to inform as discussed under AOB item a, that the quote for CoEJ indemnity quote for trustees had been received based on the turnover of CoEJ and it is less than what we had anticipated.

Br. Syed Abbas Naqvi (Al-Asr Woking President), Br. Rizwan Shah (Al-Asr) and Syed Mohammed Iqbal Jafri (Trustee) arrived at this point and with the EC’s permission, Secretary General asked them to introduce themselves.

2. President’s report by Dr. Husein Jiwa260410_1

a.    On 22 February 2010 he attended the MCB dinner in London, amongst them were the MP’s who acknowledged the immense contribution by the MCB and Muslim Community.

b.    On 15 March 2010 the President along with Sheikh Mustafa Jaffer and Br. Riaz Datoo were invited to attend a meeting with the Ismaili Community where the Vice President of WF was also present.

c.    On 9th March 2010 President and Vice President visited the KSIMC of Birmingham Jamaat.

d.    On 5 April 2010, President led a delegation to Najaf to see Ayatullah Syed Seestani to discuss Hilal issues as mandated by the Executive Council. The delegation included, Syed Naqvi, Br. Ahmed Dungersi, Br. Shabbir Merali, Sheikh Mustafa Jaffer. Br. Murtaza        Gulamhusein and Br Mahmood Al-Najar, were also supposed to attend but were unable to, due to inevitable circumstances. This was a very constructive meeting and a press release will be forthcoming.

e.    He informed that a meeting was scheduled in Sweden, unfortunately due to the volcanic eruption ash their flight was cancelled and the meeting had to be re-scheduled.

f.    President thanked Br. Gulamabbas Kassam for voluntarily taking up the position for the risk assessment workshop for our capital projects. He also thanked Br. Shabbir Merali for chairing the risk assessment workshop and commended his dedication for attended after   a road traffic accident on the way to the workshop.

g.    President thanked Leicester Jamaat for the immense amount of work done towards changing the policy of the Madani High School, which was supported by CoEJ

h.    He also confirmed that CoEJ will be taking a full delegation of 20 delegates to The World Federation Extraordinary Conference in Dar-es-Salaam.

Questions and points raised from the Report:

i.    Br. Bashir Rattansey expressed his pleasure at knowing that Ramadhan and Eid Problems have now been solved. However, the issue still remains on Muharram. Why can’t Agha issue statements for Muharram? President responded that the issue regarding Muharram was raised and discussed, the full report will be presented in due course.

j.    Br. Abbas Rahim – Was there was any mention at the MCB dinner on the importance of taking part in the upcoming UK Elections? President informed that we have stressed the importance of voting. Secretary General also confirmed that the Secretariat had published Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo’s write up on the importance of Elections, on the CoEJ website.

k.    Br. Rasool Bhamani informed that the KSIMC of Metro Leeds have invited the representatives of the three main parties, if any Jamaats have any question please send them to the Secretary and we will get your questions to them. He also enquired about the role that the Jamaat should have in regards to the students coming back from Damascus. President thanked Br. Rasool for informing us about the event and informed that Br. Razahusein Rahim is preparing a timetable for the MTP students, and that these students at present will only be visiting smaller Jamaats depending on what material they will be providing.

l.    Br. Razahusein Rahim thanked the secretariat for circulating the daily circulars from MCB and mentioned that the MTP students are now ready to partake with the Jamaats delivering Majalises. To date we have received no feedback from Jamaats if they wish to invite the couple to their Jamaat. He emphasised that these are trained Mubaleeghs and they need this vital training which is important to finalise the cost.

m.    On the current terms of reference for the MTP programme, after a discussion it was agreed that CoEJ will agree with the current terms of reference for the MTP programme and will wait for the review to be completed. In Principal CoEJ is in favour of relaxing the criteria for increase in intake.

3. Secretary General’s Report by Br. Mohamed Dawood

a.    Secretary General informed about the correspondence from KSIMC of London Hujjat received with a grievance for the allocation of delegates. A reply was sent explaining that the decision was made by the Executive Council of the last term on 19 September and if they wished for the allocation process to be revised then were advised to bring it to the EC.

b.    After request from an observer Secretary General was asked to read out the list of the delegates attending the WF Extraordinary Conference. Br. Bashir Rattansey, a member of Hujjat pointed out that Dr. Sibtain Panjwani was not a full member of KSIMC of London (Hujjat) and did not have voting rights as guest member and suggested that Secretary General should seek confirmation. Secretary General pointed out that it was not down to him to question a member Jamaat about a delegate’s membership status as long as the delegate was a constituent of a European Jamaat. He would have to take a member Jamaat’s word and felt it was an internal Hujjat matter and not for this forum.

Action 2: Add item for agenda next meeting - Allocation of WF delegate

c.    Correspondence received from Hujjat to submit the CoEJ Resolution again to The World Federation of KSIMC as an agenda item for the Extraordinary Conference. He elucidated his rationale that he was confident that CoEJ resolution had been addressed and it was therefore not progressed. After due deliberation the Councillors felt that the clauses in the WF Constitution may be contradicting each other, but were confident that Secretary would have acted in the best interests of CoEJ as a whole.

d.    Secretary General also expressed his anxiety at his role and sought clarity if he had the authority to make a decision, of course with consultation with the office bearers on the appropriateness of a request to be forwarded, particularly if it was felt that it may adversely CoEJ’s goals in any way. The Executive Council endorsed that they had full confidence on the Secretary General’s judgement, it was agreed his real business is the delivery of CoEJ goals and not to act as a postmaster.

Break for Namaaz, tour of the new site of the Al-Mahdi Centre and lunch at 13:00pm

After Namaaz we had a 10 minute drive to the new construction site of the Al- Mahdi Centre. We were presented with a short talk by Br. Reza Hooda the capital projects manager from Al-Mahdi Centre. Br. Reza went over the building project enlightened us and gave an overview of what the centre will look like once its construction has completed. He went over some figures and urged each councillor to go back to its Jamaat and ask their members to support this good cause.

President thanked Wessex for the tour and congratulated for securing the land for the sake of the future generation. He also urged the councillors to request their Jamaats to support this noble cause.

The meeting reconvened at 15:15

e.    Board Heads Expenses Policy - This policy was adopted at the last meeting and subject to amendments. It was presented at the Board Heads Meeting and feedback received had now been incorporated. Secretary General highlighted the amendments incorporated.

f.    Travel and Lodging Expenses Policy - This policy was adopted at the last meeting and subject to amendments. Secretary General highlighted the amendments incorporated.
g.    Observers at Executive Council Meeting - Secretary General pointed out that he had incorporated all the suggestions made at the last meeting. Secretary General highlighted the amendments incorporated and the Policy was duly adopted.

h.    It was agreed after due deliberation that each policy will be visited bi-annually and any member wishing to amend the policy should ask the Secretariat to add item on the agenda.

4. Honorary Treasurers Report by Br. Mohamed Mavani

Treasurer presented the copy of the March accounts. Informed which Jamaats have paid their subscription and mentioned clause 4.3 Members failing to pay their subscription by 31 March shall forfeit their voting rights as members of CoEJ until such time as the arrears are settled in full.

Treasurer mentioned a few changes in the accounts and mentioned that CoEJ has loaned £20,000 to EHM which was a requirement part of their BOND. Thanked The World Federation treasurer Br. Sajjad Tejani for lending CoEJ the Bond money.

Treasurer informed that the Secretariat has a lot of resources in house that should be utilised by the projects. EC links to emphasise this to their chairs as printing costs can be saved by doing in house printing rather than external.

Secretary General informed EC Links to always keep secretariat in loop for any communication between their chairs particularly in regards to expenditure. He emphasised that we all had to be cost conscious and it was everyone’s responsibility to keep expenditure down.

Treasurer thanked Br. Qasim Alidina and Br. Mohamedkazim Bhaloo

5. Confirmation of Budgets and Projects approval

Treasurer gave a short summary of the budgets. He informed that the budgets were first prepared and presented to the EC at the first Executive Council meeting in Watford. After which they needed thorough due diligence and reduced a few costs in each project mainly printing costs and centralised the secretariat budget.

An initial meeting took place with The World Federation treasurer and another revised budget was prepared subject to two items which was the John Muslim Mission and the Shia TV Channel. Since some projects were already in the pipeline and had to go forward the expenditure had already been incurred.

We have also received gift aid this year which can be used as a surplus income or as a reserve.

Secretary General informed that Sweden Camp will now be replaced by CoEJ Annual Summer Camp.

After due deliberation it was discussed that in light of the safety and security reasons it was agreed that the Nairobi Project would not be approved on this occasion.

Treasurer requested that the Vice President and Secretariat should be always kept in loop in case of any queries.

Budgets proposed: Br. Razahusein Rahim
Seconded: Br. Abbas Rahim

Secretary General informed that Insha’Allah this year we will have enough time for the budgets, and he was hoping to have the budget meeting with Board Heads present in early December, after budget submissions had been reviewed by the Treasury so that we can submit the same to WF in good time.

6. Hilal Advisory Team Recommendations for Reformation

Syed Mohamed Naqvi – The Hilal Team along with the Presidents of Member Jamaat and CoEJ President had a meeting on 27 March 2010, the minutes of which have been circulated to all. At the meeting The Terms of Reference proposal was presented by the Wessex SI Jamaat and deliberated on at length, for approval by the Executive Council today.

However KSIMC of London sent us an email yesterday expressing their objections for point 30 and 31. He asked for the Executive Council’s indulgence in how they can proceed further.

After a lengthy discussion, the objections from KSIMC of London were considered and noted but it was agreed that this policy would be adopted as is, subject to review at the next Executive Council Meeting, if required.

Syed Mohamed Naqvi informed that KSIMC of London have withdrawn the two names that they had initially submitted. One CV received from the names that were presented to the Hilal Team and the EC at the last Meeting.

After due deliberation it was agreed that Syed Mohamed Naqvi along with Mulla Mohamed Kassamali will come with the recommendations and confirm the names of the new Hilal Team which can then be approved by email if necessary so the reformation can progress swiftly now.

Syed Mohamed Naqvi also assured that once he is back from Dar-es-Salaam he will present the paper detailing the discussion between the delegations that met with Ayatullah Syed Seestani in Najaf. The paper will be signed by all him and Sheikh Mustafa Jaffer as the conversation was in Arabic, and a press release would be duly circulated.

It was also agreed that this would also form the preamble to accompany the adopted Hilal Terms of Reference.

7. Presentation by Al-Asr Islamic Centre Woking (Capital Project)
A short presentation was given by the Al- Asr committee outlining what the project plans are and how they plan to carry out the building plan. It would seem that they had raised a significant amount of funds; however, they were still in need of funds. They also informed that they have received their Ijaza for the collection of funds.

President thanked Al-Asr committee for their presentation and for the impressive work carried out by their members.

After due deliberation it was agreed that Br. Gulamabbas Kassam will share best practice with the Al-Asr committee and advise them how to comply with the Capital Projects criteria. In the mean time the Al-Asr committee will go through the WF Capital Project paper and complete the paper and based on this the EC will progress their application.

President suggested with advice from Br Gulamabbas Kassam, if Al-Asr committee may be granted a platform at the discretion of our member Jamaats, to raise awareness only about their noble project but not to raise any funds.

Br. Rizwan Shah thanked CoEJ for giving Al-Asr Committee the platform to present their project.

8. Any Other Business

a.    President with the agreement of all the councillors appointed Br. Gulamabbas Kassam as the Chair for the Capital Projects Team, made up of three members and appointed Br Shabbir Merali and Br. Riyaz Ladha to make up the Team.
b.    Br. Fayyaz Haji expressed his gratitude to Br. Gulamabbas Kassam and Br. Shabbir Merali for spending their Sunday with Essex Jamaat for their Capital Projects Risk Assessment.

President thanked Sis.Sayyedah Remtulla for her work in CoEJ and informed that she would now be getting married and moving to Dar-es-Salaam. He wished her all the best for the future. Secretary General commended her service and requested Salawaat for Sis. Sayyedah.

President thanked Br. Roshan Gangji, his Executive committee and the hard working volunteers for the great hospitality.

Date of next Meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting will be held Insha’Allah at  Peterborough on 10 July 2010.

Meeting was brought to a close with a recitation from the verses of the Holy Quran by Syed Mohamed Naqvi at 19:39.

Secretariat - Minutes


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