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leicester - one day interfaith fast - 2013The Muslim Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Community of Leicester at 17a Duxbury Road would like to wish you a blessed month of prayer and fasting - Ramadhan Mubarak.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you and other members of your community for our 2nd Annual event focussed on the month of fasting.  This is entitled 'ONE DAY OF INTERFAITH FASTING'. 

This is to be held on Saturday 27th July 2013, which will fall during the Holy month of Ramadhan. 

We are requesting that all attendees keep an optional ONE DAY fast for the purpose of attaining spirituality. The fast may be a fruit fast, a water fast, simply keeping away from something enjoyable for one day, or giving up a bad habit consciously for just one day... and if you are up for it, you may also want to try fasting without food or water from dawn to dusk as we do and engage yourself in prayer through the day.

We would then like you to attend a programme on interfaith fasting on the day, beginning at 7.30 pm and to join us in breaking your fast at dusk in what we call iftaar.

leicester - revelations - 2013The highlight of the programme will be a performance entitled 'Revelations' (running time 45 min).

We look forward to hosting you once again and hope for your support in this event for the cause of bringing our communities together and deliberating on our similarities. Along with being the month of prayer, fasting and other benefits, this is also the month of UNITY and we hope to encourage this as the main aim of the event. 

Please send us an email at or a text message to 07515128923 to reserve your place at the event.  Please indicate the names and organisations of all participants.

Tabligh Committee
MKSI Leicester


Members - MKSI Leicester - Masjid-Al-Husayn (Leicester)


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