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Late penalties will be implemented this year very strictly!

Please take serious note of the following rule, as it WILL be implemented.

At the scheduled start of a game, should a team not be ready to start at the referee's whistle, 1 point will be awarded to the opposite team for EVERY MINUTE that is wasted. Should both teams not be ready, 1 point will be awarded to both teams per minute.  The clock will have started and at the end of either 16 points or 15 minutes, the game will end. Late players will not be allowed to join that particular game once it has started.
Should the referee not be ready, a point will be deducted from that referee’s team’s next game. They will start their game at -1 Point.


  • Service is only served under-hand.
  • Service must be served from the designated box marked on each side of the court. (At least one (1) foot must be touching the designated box boundary for the service to be legal.)
  • The serviceman can only enter the court after the ball has crossed the net.
  • Service touching the net is considered foul and the other team are rewarded the service.
  • Service landing on the line is considered “in”.
  • During service, the ball must be tossed up in the air before the server strikes the ball.
  • Server must wait for the referee’s whistle before serving. Serve must take place within five (5) seconds after the referee’s whistle.
  • Return of service that touches the net is considered in play.
  • Screening the server is allowed.


  • Teams can only score points when they’re serving.
  • Eleven (11) love (0) marks the end of a game regardless of whether it is a game of sixteen (16) or twenty-one (21) points. Full 16 or 21 points will be awarded to the winning team.
  • In a game of sixteen (16) points, when a team reaches fifteen (15) points, the referee must announce a call of “GAME POINT”. In a game of twenty-one (21) points, the same must be done when a team reaches twenty (20) points.
  • In the event of a fifteen all or twenty all score, a team must then win with a clean 2 points. Should the official time run out and only one point is scored, the team with that point will be the winner and in the event of no score, the serving team will be the winner.


  • Hands must be closed at all times.
  • Spiking allowed on first (1st) ball only.
  • No spiking on the second (2nd) and third (3rd) ball.
  • No bump / set / spike
  • Three (3) touch hits
  1. First (1st) ball touches the net; or ball touches the net when hit by the opposite team, or ball comes into the ground near the net.
  2. Second (2nd) ball is lifted from the net by the NETTY only.  Any other player who lifts off the net MUST put it across to the other side.
  3. Third (3rd) ball is hit over the net.
  4. In the event that the NETTY has lifted the first ball because it either touched the net on the way in or it was close to the net but did not touch it, this will be considered the 2nd touch and only 1 more hit will be allowed following that.


  • From the net and during play:
    • Two (2) hand digging allowed;
    • One (1) hand palm down allowed.
  • Digging on service is allowed.


Blocking is not allowed.


  • Each team will have two (2) time outs per game. Time outs not used in a game are forfeited;
  • Each time out is for 30 seconds.
  • Teams can request a time out regardless who is serving;
  • Time outs cannot be called once the referee has blown his whistle for service;
  • Time outs can only be called on dead ball.
  • In order to avoid tactics of using the time-outs to keep a lead towards the end of a game, time-outs can only be taken in the first 10 minutes of a 15-minute game and the first 15 minutes of a 20-minute game. In other words, no time-outs will be allowed in the last 5 minutes of any games.
  • The clock will NOT be stopped during time outs.
  • Injury time out will be limited to 1 minute and should the player not be ready to resume play, he must leave the game and the rest of the team would have to continue playing without him.
  • That 1-minute will be the only time when the clock will be stopped.
  • A player who has left the game due to injury may not re-enter the same game.
  • Even in the event of an injury, a player who arrived after the scheduled start time will not be eligible to play in that game.


Substitution is not allowed.


  • No punching of the ball is allowed at any time.
  • If the ball touches the poles during a play, it is considered out.
  • If a player touches the net whilst the ball is in play, it is considered as a foul.
  • If the ball touches any part of the player’s body apart from the hand/wrist, it is considered as foul.
  • Players are not allowed to cross their feet, hand or any other part of their body across the middle line.
  • Balls landing outside the perimeter are considered out:
  • For a ball to be considered out, the ball must land without any player touching it.
  • A ball must cross over the net area between the posts to the opposite side to be considered in.

  1. Games can only be stopped with the referee’s approval for any disputes.  If a game does not resume at the referee’s whistle, the serving team would lose their serve or point depending on who is holding up the match.
  2. Referee’s decision is FINAL.  The CoEJ committee will only be referred to should the referee request their assistance.
  3. Only Captains will be allowed to raise an issue with the referee but as time is limited, any grievances will not be allowed to carry on for too long and at the referee’s whistle, the games must resume.
  4. Please keep a copy of the game schedule handy as all teams will be allocated games to referee and they will be responsible to get that match started on time.
  5. 1 referee, 2 linesmen and a scorer will be required each time a team has to referee a match.

Any rules not mentioned here would be decided at the discretion of the CoEJ sports committee on the day.


Round 1:  All matches will be best of 2 games, 16 points per game.  The time limit for these games is set at 15 minutes per game.

Round 2: The Top 3 teams from each group will move on to the 2nd round.  These 12 teams will be put into 4 groups of 3 teams each. All matches will be best of 1 game of 16 points with a 15 minute time limit.
The draw for the 2nd round will be done off a hat.  All Captains must be on the ground for the draw.  As time is limited, we will not wait for those Captains who are not present.  The draws will carry on with whoever is present.

The time limit will be 15 minutes and the same time-out rule will apply whereby they will only be allowed in the first 10 minutes of the game.

The Semi final round will be played between the 4 winning teams (i.e. the top team from each group).  The draws will again be off a hat and not criss-crossed.
Best of 2 matches of 16 points, time limit of 15 minutes and time out rules will still apply.

The final match format will be announced on the day between the 2 winning teams.  This will depend on the amount of time left to finish the tournament.

There will be a presentation and dinner, Namaaz after the matches and we would like to request that all participants make an effort to be present for those.
All games will stop at Namaaz time.

Captain’s MEETING:

The Captain’s meeting will START at 5 PM.  All Captains are urged to be there BEFORE 5 PM so that the meeting can commence at 5 PM.  We cannot stress enough on the importance of everything happening on time and ALL matches starting on TIME!!!  Should a Captain not be present on time, the meeting will still go ahead as scheduled. All Captains are asked to look for the CoEJ coordinators on arrival at the ground on both days and let them know their whereabouts in order to avoid us having to go around looking for them.





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